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Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor NDF-1300 32-channel

The NDF-1300 32-channel automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument uses magnetic bead separation technology to transfer magnetic beads between the wells of the deep-well plate containing specific reagents, and the magnetic rod is loaded with a disposable magnetic rod cover, and the magnetic rod and the magnetic rod cover are separated , To realize the collection, release, transfer and incubation of magnetic beads. Matching our company's excellent nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can extract high-quality nucleic acids from saliva, swabs, dried blood spots, whole blood, serum/plasma, animal and plant tissues and other samples.

Product Details

Used for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids in clinical samples. NDF-1300 32 channels are used for professional research and use by specially trained personnel. It is recommended to follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to ensure the reliability of the analysis.

Technical Principle:
magnetic bead separation technology



• High efficiency:Multi-mode and multi-speed adjustable, with the original manufacturer's virus extraction kit, the fastest extraction of 32 samples can be completed in 13 minutes.
• Safety:Visualized operating space, built-in UV disinfection module, ultra-quiet operation
• Intelligent:The 10-inch touch screen can display all operating parameters of the equipment at one time for easy understanding and operation
• Accuracy:The deep hole heating strip with stronger wrapping is adopted to reduce the difference betxween the actual temperature and the set temperature.

Compatible reagents kit

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